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Job::MakeImageDl::JigdoDownload Class Reference

#include <jigdodownload.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Job::MakeImageDl::JigdoDownload:

Job::SingleUrl Job::DataSource::IO Gunzip::IO

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Detailed Description

Private class of MakeImageDl: Object extending a SingleUrl and used to retrieve the data of the .jigdo file.

NB: The underlying Download's io pointer is set up to point to this object. Once this receives the calls, this object passes them on to its own io pointer, which will point to the corresponding front-end object, e.g. a GtkSingleUrl. This sandwiching is in contrast to "normal" single-file downloads, where the Download directly calls the GtkSingleUrl.

Definition at line 33 of file jigdodownload.hh.

Public Member Functions

virtual const IOPtr
< DataSource::IO > & 
io () const
virtual IOPtr< DataSource::IO > & io ()
 JigdoDownload (MakeImageDl *m, JigdoDownload *p, const string &jigdoUrl, ConfigFile::iterator destPos)
void run ()

Private Member Functions

ConfigFileconfigFile () const
virtual void cont ()
int currentTry () const
virtual void dataSource_data (const byte *data, size_t size, uint64 currentSize)
virtual void dataSource_dataSize (uint64 n)
BfstreamCounted * destStream () const
bool failed () const
virtual void gunzip_data (Gunzip *, byte *decompressed, unsigned size)
virtual void gunzip_deleted ()
virtual void gunzip_failed (string *message)
virtual void gunzip_needOut (Gunzip *)
virtual void job_deleted ()
virtual void job_failed (string *message)
virtual void job_message (string *message)
virtual Job::IOjob_removeIo (Job::IO *rmIo)
virtual void job_succeeded ()
virtual const string & location () const
virtual void pause ()
virtual bool paused () const
virtual const Progress * progress () const
bool resumePossible () const
bool resuming () const
void setDestination (BfstreamCounted *destStream, uint64 destOffset, uint64 destEndOffset)
void setNoResumePossible ()
void setPragmaNoCache (bool pragmaNoCache)
void setResumeOffset (uint64 resumeOffset)
void stop ()
bool succeeded () const

Private Attributes

Gunzip gunzip
byte gunzipBuf [GUNZIP_BUF_SIZE]
ConfigFile::iterator insertPos
IOPtr< IOio
IOPtr< Job::DataSource::IOioVal

Static Private Attributes

static const unsigned GUNZIP_BUF_SIZE = 16384
static const int MAX_TRIES = 20
static const int RESUME_DELAY = 3000
static const unsigned RESUME_SIZE = 16*1024

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