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Job::MakeImageDl Class Reference

#include <makeimagedl.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Job::MakeImageDl:

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Detailed Description

MakeImageDl: Everything related to downloads

See comments in makeimage.hh for the big picture.

Definition at line 63 of file makeimagedl.hh.

Public Types

enum  {
  B, B_, I, I_,
  TT, TT_, U, U_,
typedef IList< ChildChildList
enum  State {

Public Member Functions

void childFailed (Child *childDl, DataSource::IO *childIo, DataSource::IO *frontend)
ChildchildFor (const string &url, const MD5 *md=0, string *leafnameOut=0)
const ChildList & children () const
void childSucceeded (Child *childDl, DataSource::IO *childIo, DataSource::IO *frontend)
bool finalState () const
void generateError (string *message, State newState=ERROR)
bool haveImageSection () const
void imageInfo (string *output, bool escapedText, const char *subst[13]) const
const string & imageInfoOrig () const
const string & imageName () const
const string & imageShortInfo () const
void jigdoFinished ()
const string & jigdoUri () const
 MakeImageDl (IO *ioPtr, const string &jigdoUri, const string &destination)
void run ()
void setImageSection (string *imageName, string *imageInfo, string *imageShortInfo, string *templateUrl, MD5 **templateMd5)
State state () const
const MD5templateMd5 () const
const string & templateUrl () const
const string & tmpDir () const
 ~MakeImageDl ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * destDescTemplate ()

Public Attributes

IOPtr< IOio

Static Public Attributes

static const int MAX_INCLUDES = 100

Private Member Functions

ChildchildForCompleted (const struct stat &fileInfo, const string &filename, bool contentMdKnown, const MD5 &cacheMd)
ChildchildForSemiCompleted (const struct stat &fileInfo, const string &filename)
void writeReadMe ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void appendLeafname (string *s, bool contentMd, const MD5 &md)
static void toggleLeafname (string *s)

Private Attributes

ChildList childrenVal
string dest
string imageInfoVal
string imageNameVal
string imageShortInfoVal
string jigdoUrl
MakeImage mi
State stateVal
string templateUrlVal
string tmpDirVal

Static Private Attributes

static const char * destDescTemplateVal


class  Child
class  IO
class  JigdoDownload

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