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JobList Class Reference

#include <joblist.hh>

Inheritance diagram for JobList:

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Detailed Description

A bit like a vector<JobLine*>, but uses the GtkTreeStore for storing the elements. There can be empty entries in the vector which hold null pointers and which are displayed as empty lines on screen.

~JobList deletes all JobLine objects in the list.

Definition at line 39 of file joblist.hh.

Public Types

typedef unsigned size_type

Public Member Functions

void append (JobLine *j, JobLine *parent=0)
void assertValid () const
bool empty () const
size_type entryCount () const
void erase (GtkTreeIter *row)
JobLineget (GtkTreeIter *row) const
void insert (size_type n, JobLine *j)
bool isWindowOwner (JobLine *j) const
void makeRowBlank (GtkTreeIter *row)
void postGtkInit ()
void prepend (JobLine *j, JobLine *parent=0)
void registerTicks ()
void set (size_type n, JobLine *j)
void setWindowOwner (JobLine *j)
size_type size () const
GtkTreeStore * store () const
void unregisterTicks ()
GtkTreeView * view () const
JobLinewindowOwner () const
 ~JobList ()

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

static const int TICK_INTERVAL = 250
static const int WIDTH_STATUS = 280

Static Private Member Functions

static void pixbufForJobLine (GtkTreeViewColumn *, GtkCellRenderer *cell, GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *iter, gpointer data)
static void pixbufForJobLine_init ()
static gboolean progressScrollToTop (gpointer view)
static gboolean selectRowCallback (GtkTreeSelection *, GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreePath *, gboolean, gpointer)
static gboolean selectRowIdle (gpointer data)
static gint timeoutCallback (gpointer jobList)

Private Attributes

unsigned entryCountVal
int needTicks
unsigned selectRowIdleId
unsigned sizeVal
GtkTreeStore * storeVal
int timeoutId

Static Private Attributes

static const char *const PROGRESS_IMAGE_FILE = "progress-green.png"
static const int PROGRESS_SUBDIV = 61
static vector< GdkPixbuf * > progressGfx
static GdkPixbuf * progressImage = 0
static GValue progressValue

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